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Stud FAQ

What are snowmobile studs used for? Can I use snowmobile studs on my snowmobile?
Snowmobile studs are a great way for snowmobile enthusiasts to have better control during turns, faster acceleration, and quicker deceleration. All of these factors lead to better performance which means that snowmobile stud users have a better chance of preventing accidents and maintaining control when riding their snowmobiles.

Are there different styles of snowmobile studs available and which kind will work best for my snowmobile?
There are many different styles of snowmobile studs available on the market today. Extreme Max has the Platinum Series Studs that are compatible with almost every track on the market today. They are available in a wide variety of sizes so you can be sure to find a fit that is perfect for you. Extreme Max also has the Fat Head series of studs which are great for the thinner O.E.M. tracks on the market today.

What length snowmobile stud will fit my track?
Each snowmobile stud manufacturer has a system to measure proper stud length. Extreme Max has designed an easy to read fit chart to help make finding the correct stud size simple. If you still have questions however our customer service associates would be more than happy to assist you! 866-757-3780.

How many studs should I install on my snowmobile?
Snowmobile studs are great for leisurely riding and aggressive racing. The amount of studs a rider needs depends on what type of riding you will be doing and on what type of terrain. Another factor is what type of track is installed on your snowmobile. Some of the most common amounts are 96, 120, 144 and 168. However there are many possible combinations. For the most accurate count contact your dealer or the manufacturer of your track.

Are there restrictions on the use of snowmobiles with studs on their tracks?
All states, parks, trails, etc have their own rules and regulations regarding the use of snowmobile studs. Check with your state for this information.

How long do snowmobile studs last for?
Snowmobile stud life is determined by many factors. One of the most common factors is what type of terrain they are ridden on. Riding on rough trails with rocks and debris can significantly decrease stud life as they will be more prone to bend or break. Another factor is how often they are used. Snowmobiles studs that are used frequently experience much more wear and tear which can lead to shorter stud life.